The mark of protection of the Inlay of Rolo

Mark of protection

The Municipality of Rolo promotes and protects the current production of  the inlaid furniture and he regularly filed two exclusive brands “tarsia tradizionale di Rolo” (traditional marquetry of Rolo)and “tarsia di Rolo”(marquetry of Rolo),created to guarantee the artisans engaged in this activity and those interested in the marquetry of Rolo as buyer of manufactured goods.

The mark “tarsia di Rolo” is affixed on inlaid wooden artefacts designed in a modern or otherwise not strictly bound to the traditions, made in the “rolese” territory.

Regulation of the brand “Tarsia di Rolo”

The brand “tarsia tradizionale di Rolo” is affixed exclusively on wood manufacture that refer to the ways and decorations of the typical inlaid manufacture of Rolo, reworked with a creative spirit with a new and refined artistic taste.

Regulation of the brand “Tarsia tradizionale di Rolo”

Product specification

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