The Art of Marquetry in Rolo. Furniture Techniques Materials

Presented by Jadranka Bentini, which in 1996 was Superintendent for the artistic and historical heritage of Modena, and Reggio Emilia, and introduced by the late Luisa Bandera, known studious of the Italian History of furniture. The work reconstructs the story of local cabinetry and analyzes the technical aspects of production, offering a real insight into the artistic sector under consideration, subject to special savings, tied to cultural forms that have influenced the evolution and the language and strongly connected to the material and manual knowledge. The iconographic repertoire, has a precise and very elaborate apparatus of captions, made up of about 350 color photographs of inlaid furniture, produced between the end of the eighteenth century and the first half of the last century, considered to be representative of the different structural and decorative types, other images document the models that were used for the reproduction of figurative motifs and the most significant “rolesi” tools used in the laboratories of the artisans, while some tables have orthogonal projection s, sections and isometric views about the main types of furniture.

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